NASCAR Book for Kids

More than six million fans gear up to attend NASCAR races each year, with an additional 75 million people watching the races from home. While you may consider yourself a big fan, there are still a few facts that might surprise you. For instance:

• A driver can lose from five to 10 pounds during the course of a race.

• A single NASCAR tire weighs in at 75 pounds.

• The temperature inside a car can reach 140 degrees.

A new book for children from the creators of the endearing Chicken Soup series highlights a number of other fun NASCAR facts. Delivering the ultimate race journal experience, "Chicken Soup for the Soul NASCAR Xtreme Race Journal for Kids" (HCI $9.95) is filled with trivia, race facts, track facts, games and journal entries. It also features a chapter for every race track across the country.

The introduction covers NASCAR history, jargon, crew responsibilities and stock car diagrams. Youngsters can use the book to track and record their favorite driver's progress through the entire season in their own words and memories.

There are other books that will take kids behind the scenes at a NASCAR race, teach them how to ask for autographs from drivers, show them how to become a NASCAR driver, teach the very young how to read and even how to count. Click here to see some of them (most are very inexpensive).

If you're looking for a special gift for a young NASCAR fan, you might consider the book--along with an autograph from their favorite driver that you locate through the links here on